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Friday, October 5, 2012

MLB Makes History With Inaugural #WildCard Games

     Traditionally, the three division winners and the best record among the division runner-ups in each league go into the Division Series. That's 4 teams for each league. Those winners play the League Championship Series to determine who will play in the World Series.

     If you love baseball, you know that even more exciting than the Postseason sometimes, can be the Pennant Race, the last few games of the regular season. These games can take on a "postseason feel" themselves with teams fighting for the best record in their division. Often, this will come down the very last game of the year!

     In 2012, Major League Baseball has captured that excitement with the addition of "The Wild Card Games". Baseball is played in a series format so, when a team's Championship hopes come down to just a single game, it creates a sense of urgency that is unmatched in sports.

     The new format is simple. It is virtually unchanged except that now, the second best team in the Wild Card standings also has a shot at the Postseason with a 1-game playoff to decide who will move on to the Division Series.

Remember this gem from 2011?
VIDEO: Tigers vs Twins #163

     That was one of the greatest games ever played for so many reasons. This is what MLB is going for with the new Wild Card format and I think they've done it!

One game. Win or Go Home.

The St. Louis Cardinals were victorious in Atlanta vs the Braves.

The Baltimore Orioles finish off the Texas Rangers in Arlington.

The Postseason continues Saturday at 2:30 pst from Detroit on TBS.

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Vin Scully "and there was Jackie"